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Image of You Don’t Know Jack “GaGa” Bow

You Don’t Know Jack “GaGa” Bow


The You Don't Know Jack fabric "GaGa" bow is a 6-inch wide hair bow. You Don't Know Jack fabric features smiling Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins in various shades of orange on a black background. The bow's center fabric features Obuntu fabric that features grey-white triangles on a black background. Please note: The fabric bow you receive may feature different parts of the fabric's theme than originally shown in the sample photo.

The GaGa bow is named after my oldest daughter, Gossamer. Among her many nicknames, GaGa is the nickname my son chose for her when he was a baby. I chose this style to be the GaGa bow because it's high on pizazz yet still classy, and modern with a touch of nostalgia.

When choosing bow orientation for the hair clip backing, the option is on side of the wearer's right or left. For instance, if your child has long bangs that swoop to the left as you look at her, choose the "wearer's right" side orientation.

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