tif bullard
Image of Wild Child in the 90s mask

Wild Child in the 90s mask


The 1990s held too many trajectories- grunge and alternative street wear, preppy, electric pop rave, and vintage nostalgia. Remember the huge resurfacing of late 1950s-early 60s fashion of the James Dean sock-hop simplicity with a focus on classic cartoons and a neon-ization of mod contrasting with the beginning of what we now. call boho! You can’t pin down this era! The hot pink of the 80s muted to 90s fuchsia and more off-toned hues (this is where grunge took over) and the black and white contrast (50-60s influences) added in some grey (1930–40s) to highlight the war going on in the Middle East. Overall the 90s was a huge collage of the decades that led up to the turn of a new century - yet oddly, this combo of colors take on classic leopard is especially 90s somehow.

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