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Image of Town & Country: Your Choice Duo Flannel “Zip” reversible cap

Town & Country: Your Choice Duo Flannel “Zip” reversible cap

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Due to the nature of time to create this hat during the holidays, I am unable to guarantee the production of this hat. If you are interested in the Zip hat please message me to check on my availability and workload for a realistic time frame.
The Town & Country Flannel collection is inspired by vintage station wagons - my ideal dream ride. Think of this collection as the flannel blanket thrown in the back hatch - left to grab during those autumn and winter times when the bench seat is so cold the Naugahyde crackles under your bottom. You get to choose your flannel duo combo from all color combinations offered.** Please leave your two-fabric choice (outer choice and inner choice) in the comment/notes section of your order form.** Any 2-fabric combination of all Town & Country Flannels can be made - use your imagination as the choices are numerous.

Bring back old school wintertime charm with the non-binary "Zip" reversible cap - just the right amount of warmth with two layers of flannel on the head. The "Zip" Reversible Cap fits both children and Adults alike - ages 3 months up to X-Large Adult. The "Zip" cap features your choice of two different coordinating 100% flannel cotton fabrics - two completely different looks available all in one cap. There is an option to add the coordinating two-tone "CoCo" bow or fete-sized "GaGa" bow to your cap to add a hint of suffragette essence (look at the "hair bows" section of the website for reference). The bow backing features both closure pin and hair clip backing (you cannot feel the pin while wearing it as a bow). If you prefer an orientation for the hair clip (wearer's right/wearer's left) please leave that note in the comments.

To assure the best custom fit, measure your head/child's head circumference (taken around the fullest part of the forehead) Use this measurement as your size range. There is covered elastic at the hat's back to allow for some range of sizing. If you are purchasing for a child, use child sizing. If you are an adult, purchase the adult sizing. If you fall at the end of a child's size range, I recommend sizing up (for instance if your head measures 17 inches, it is best to go with the 17-18 inch size rather than the 16-17 inch size as the double flannel feature does not offer stretch). For adults that fall between size ranges, I recommend you use your preference for a tighter fit vs a looser fit. Check out the other pieces from the Town & Country Flannel collection including bonnets, hats, bows, headbands, scrunchies, and face masks.

(Pictured: Caballero/Chevelle combination) Please leave your choice of outer fabric and inner fabric in the comments/notes section of your order form. You can use any combination of plaid or houndstooth, double plaid, double houndstooth. All combinations of any two of the below fabrics are available.

Your Color Choice options:
The Caballero plaid flannel cloth is 100% cotton flannel outer with blaze orange/navy blue/white/avocado large plaid.

The Chevelle houndstooth flannel cloth is 100% cotton flannel outer with avocado and cut grass olive houndstooth plaid.

The Caprice plaid flannel cloth is 100% cotton flannel outer with sea foam teal/dark teal/driveway cement gray/goldenrod yellow large plaid.

The Suburban houndstooth flannel cloth is 100% cotton flannel outer with sea foam teal and dark teal houndstooth plaid.

The Rambler plaid flannel cloth is 100% cotton flannel outer with hot pink/neon electric lime green/black/white large plaid. This flannel has a natural napped/brushed appearance to it.

The Montclair houndstooth gingham check flannel cloth is 100% cotton flannel outer with black and white gingham check meets houndstooth print plaid.

**This hat can also be made in Shuffle Off To Buffalo, Classic Plaid, or any combination of collection (or mixed collection) flannels listed on my site as "in stock."

**Please allow 3-4 additional days for production until shipment**

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