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Image of Sketchbook/Ba-Da-Bing 2-Piece Accessory Set

Sketchbook/Ba-Da-Bing 2-Piece Accessory Set


Go Sketchbook crazy and get the 2-piece accessory set: Rosey Headband and Scrunchie for a combined discounted price. Fun for sisters and best friends, or the ultimate mama and me coordinating look. Check out the matching Sketchbook and Ba-Da-Bing masks in the cloth face mask section for triple/quadruple the vintage double cherries fun. Don't forget about the Ba-Da-Bing scrunchie...

The Sketchbook/Ba-Da-Bing "Rosey" Headband is a reversible band-style headband with one side Sketchbook black and white grid-themed fabric and one side Ba-Da-Bing vintage double cherries-themed fabric with a removable petal tip tie that is also reversible in the same colors. The band is connected to a comfortable, covered elasticized band at the nape of the neck. The fabric is 100% cotton. Numerous possibilities for styling and coordinating!

For sizing. it is best to measure the total circumference of your head in inches where the headband would wrap around the head for the most custom fit - this measurement is your size. If you are between sizes, I recommend sizing down as the pattern allows for some stretch. It's always best to measure and not assume band size by suggested age.

The Sketchbook black and white grid-themed Scrunchie with your choice of width (fine or full) and your choice of removable tie (petal tie or angled tie). The fabric is 100% cotton. The tie is removable allowing a simple grid band look, or add the tie for a different, stylish look. Petal tie is more of a vintage look and angled tie is more of a modern look.

Circumference sizing: XS works best for younger children and those with super fine hair or prefer to wrap the scrunchie around one time, Small is great for older children and adults with shorter or finer hair, Medium is the standard scrunchie size for those with any kind or hair and prefer to wrap the scrunchie around the hair 1-2 times, and Large is great for those who have thick hair or want to be able to wrap the scrunchie around 2 or more times.

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