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custom mask/hair accessory request

Yes, you can request special fabric or prints that I don't have listed - pending it is available! I want to make your dreams come true! Together let us collaborate on making that happen with my designs and our collective creativity.

Since March 2020, do you know how many times customers have asked: Do you have any ____ fabric? If the answer is no - then I look to see if I can source it and every time, customers have gotten to achieve that goal of their dream-theme mask! I can't offer literally every single theme out there, so it's always refreshing to be able to offer something truly unique.

I have created custom masks in specialty fabrics purchased just for the individual - as specific as bassoons to sloths, horses, or comic books, faith-themed fabrics, sports-related, hobbies, and even a special-requested solid fabric. Some fabrics are easier to find than others. You can even design your own fabrics and I can get that design made just for you. Like a child's drawing? Or your company's logo? We can make it into a fabric for masks or accessories! Truly we can make most anything happen. There is no odd request - there is fabric out there for literally every single thing you can imagine - really.

If the request can be met within a certain range, most often the charge is the same as similar items in my shop. Otherwise, depending on the volume you request, it might go up only a few dollars per item (depending on the request).

If you see any fabric shown on my website in a mask and want to make it into an accessory such as my Double Infinity Headband, Rosey Headband, Scrunchie style (simple band, petal tie, angle tie, or long tie), or hair bows...most anything can be done if I have the appropriate yardage. Even custom fabric as well can be made with my accessories. Again, I simply cannot list every item in every single option but it most likely can be done!

Pop me a message on my site before you order anything - and together let's make it extra special for you. I will do my best to help make that dream come true.

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